6 Essential Elements of A Major Home Renovation

July 27, 2022

When you are planning to undertake a major home renovation project, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider for the construction process to be smooth sailing. For a successful home renovation project, here are the 6 essential elements of a major home renovation that you need to consider before commencing with the project.


One of the essential elements of a major home renovation is the process timeline. It is very crucial to create a realistic project timeline to ensure that the project will be completed on the predetermined date you have mutually agreed with your building contractor. Potential factors and risks are inevitable and could disrupt the process timeline hence, potential delays must already be factored in before commencing with the home renovation project.


It is equally vital to carefully assess your budget before embarking on your major home renovation project. Your budget especially allocated for the undertaking of the major home renovation project should serve as your guide in choosing the structural design and construction materials. Budget allocation is one of the essential elements of a major home renovation because it prevents you to spend on unnecessary things beyond your allocated budget. In creating a budget plan, you must include in your calculation and cost estimate all the potential unexpected expenses. Hence, it is likewise very essential to have a contingency fund to be used to cover the unexpected costs.

Reputable Contractor

Selecting a reputable architect and contractor is likewise an essential element of a major home renovation project. You can be assured that all the building codes and permits are fully complied with before commencing the construction process. A reliable contractor has enough experience in all building aspects and construction processes and executes them from the conceptualisation up to the completion with your satisfaction in mind.


Complying with the necessary permits is also an essential element of a major home renovation project. You must do your due diligence and check if there are building regulations and codes implemented in your locality and the corresponding permits that you need to comply with to avoid paying fines in the future You need to personally reach out to your local council for these things before starting with your home renovation project. 

Compliance Timeline

Also, consider the time it would require for you to obtain these permits and how it would affect the overall renovation process itself if there could be delays in the processing. You must evaluate and assess the entire compliance timeframe before starting the commercial renovation project. Considering this will help you plan the other essential matters while the compliance process is still ongoing.

Interior Designer and Architect’s Insight

Asking for the opinion of an architect and an interior designer to get their professional insight is also one of the essential elements of a major home renovation project. These experts will help you understand the whole major home renovation project and will guide you throughout the renovation process until its completion. They will assist and walk you through the home renovation process.

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