Construction Management: What are the Most Important Things You Need to Know?

January 7, 2020

There are numerous steps that a construction site must undergo before even starting the gathering of resources. With construction management, all the hassle of even finding the best contractor is solved right away.

Construction management helps a construction project to sail as smooth as expected by the property owners. Moreover, construction management enables all involved parties to openly monitor the overall progress and some changes to the construction project.

Defining Construction Management

Construction management, in formal terms, helps direct, regulate, and supervise the overall progress of a construction project from the ideation to completion. This type of management satisfies a property owner’s demands in terms of functionality, budget, and other factors such as the execution, timeframe, communication method between involved agents, and many more. Construction management is spearheaded by a construction project manager.

The Importance of Construction Management 

Construction management performs a lot of function to make the whole construction project work according to what the client or property owner wants to have. As construction management involves a lot of work from different fields and people, there are some important functions of this type of management that primarily summarises it. First, construction management helps with the primary goals and plans of a construction project. The plans include the drawing of scope, setting up the schedule and budget required, and choosing participants of the project.

Another importance of construction management is that it boosts resource effectiveness by acquiring the most recommended workforce that is fit for the project. Aside from the workforce, all necessary tools and pieces of machinery are hired to maintain quality work. As the work plan goes through, construction management then conducts coordination and management of contract, plans, design, estimation, and construction. At last, construction management maintains solid communication between the property owners and all project participants should conflicts arise.

Processes of Construction Management

Assuming that the bidding process is over, a construction project then proceeds to four phases. With the help of construction management, all these phases are covered to ensure a smooth flow of overall work. The first phase is the initiation of the project. During this phase, the objectives and feasibility of the project are determined according to varying variables. Research and studies are made during this phase to assess if the construction project is good to go or not. All possible problems are tackled during this stage to avoid wasting any resources during the next phases.

The next phase then proceeds to the planning phase, where timeframe, costing, and resources are all assigned according to the right group of people. This stage defines the things need to be done by a group of people in a certain duration. Moreover, a communication plan is established during this phase to make information flow across all channels without restrictions.

With enough budget, all plans will now be executed. In this execution phase, all tasks for the construction project are now carried out and will be monitored accordingly. The progress and status of all the tasks are monitored closely to ensure that the project is built according to the planned completion date. Once the whole project is finished, then the closing phase commences. The construction project manager will evaluate all the factors involved in the whole construction project. All reports from respective teams will be collected, the final budget will be calculated, and all important information will be disseminated across the project participants.

Construction management is usually done by one or a team of experts with construction projects. If you want to know more about this, consult with us now at Crearter Constructions. Let us help you build your home and building with exceptional quality.

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