Debunking Common Myths about Property Restoration Projects

March 26, 2021

Restoration projects are done to revert properties into their original or initial condition. They can also be done to bring back the condition of properties to a specific time. And to date, there are various situations where restoration projects can be utilised.

For one, properties that have been damaged by fire, flood, or other damaging elements often turn to restoration services to effectively bring them back to their previous state. Another situation where restoration projects can be done is when property owners or other involved authorities want to preserve the condition of old or historic properties that have not been used or occupied for a long time.

Even if restoration projects have been around for a long time, there are still some myths and misconceptions that a lot of people believe today. Here are some of the common myths about property restoration projects and the reasons why they are not true.

Replacements are Better Than Restorations

Replacements are often conducted to effectively change things that cannot be restored or recovered anymore. And while they often mean that the overall look and function of specific structures can significantly change, restoration projects are simply different from replacement projects. A comparison should not exist between the two projects since they can be both beneficial to different circumstances. As replacements focus on properties that cannot be restored anymore, restorations are intended to mitigate the damages that can still be resolved as well as preserve their existing look or structure.

Restorations After Huge Fire are Impossible

As previously mentioned, restoration projects are done to restore properties that have recently got caught by fire. These projects have become possible due to the improvements brought by technology. With immediate clean-up of a recently fire-stricken property, the smoke soot can be removed and neutralised right away, disabling it from causing damages and losses to valuables as well as the overall structure of the property. The odour can likewise be removed during restoration projects, ensuring that property areas will not manifest any signs of fire once they have been restored and preserved.

Dry Surfaces or Areas Must Be Disregarded

Properties with dry surfaces or areas are often equated to places that do not need to be repaired or restored. However, these surfaces or areas must still be checked and assessed as they may still contain huge amounts of moulds and other similar elements. Ignoring and disregarding these elements will not only be harmful to the whole structural framework of the property, but they can easily affect the health of the people. Restoration projects do not disregard these surfaces or areas for the purpose of ensuring that every aspect of the properties will be truly intact and long-lasting.

When it comes to restoration projects, they must be conducted by professionals since they all have the necessary tools, employees, certifications, and permits to perform all restoration-related works. So, if you want to conduct restoration for a specific property, do not hesitate to contact us at Crearter Constructions.


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