Excavation Work for New Home Construction Projects in Sydney

August 12, 2020

All residential properties that are being built and constructed require a strong structural foundation. The sole purpose of having a strong structural foundation is to maintain the stability of the whole home construction. This vital part can only be achieved if the excavation works are conducted appropriately.

Excavation works, in general, is the process of moving rock and other underground materials through different tools, equipment, or even explosives. Aside from home constructions, this specific process is also used in explorations, environmental restorations, and mining activities.

To date, here are some safety measures and excavation methods that can be utilised by new home construction projects.


One method of excavation that construction projects can utilise is trenching. It involves digging a trench in which the depth exceeds the width of the ground. The main purpose of trenching in new home construction projects is to serve as the storage site for pipes, conduits, or cables, which are important in providing the needed utilities of the property. Once these things are installed, the trench is subsequently backfilled while the excavated parts of the surface are reverted into their initial state.


Benching is a safety measure that is intended to protect and safeguard employees from cave-ins by reducing wall height and enhancing stability. This safety measure involves multiple steps in the vertical surface of an excavation, which include the digging of the sides to form numerous horizontal levels or steps. The benches out of this method must be wide enough to maintain the stability of the slopes. They are also created to stop materials from falling to the main working area.


Another excavation method that can be maximised by new home construction projects is battering. This method can easily provide a safe and stable slope to surfaces that have already been excavated through the formation of a battered wall. A battered wall can easily help hold back underground materials both in excavation and other home construction purposes like landscaping. A more stable support system for excavation works involves the combination of this excavation method and benching.


Excavation activities that will not work with benching and battering turn to the application of shoring. Unstable or any problematic surfaces or structures can maximise shoring since it can prevent people in the area from being buried, struck, or trapped by heavy materials. This method uses post shores, shoring beams, or timber jacks to effectively support the surrounding loads of the foundation until the underground levels of the property are fully constructed and stabilised.


One protective system that can be used during excavation and other home construction works is shielding. Shielding can protect people onsite through the placement of trench boxes, steel plates, and other protective systems in trenches and other open excavated areas. Any potential accidents that may happen due to soil cave-ins during construction projects can also be prevented. This type of protective system, however, is not intended to prevent soil failures or support excavation.

Construction companies know too well the importance of excavation methods and safety measures whenever they would establish the structural foundation of a new home property. If you want to know more about excavation works for new home construction projects here in Sydney, feel free to call us at Crearter Constructions.

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