Home Extension Ideas for Your Sydney Northern Beach and North Shore Home

May 25, 2020

Sydney Northern Beach and North Shore homes are typically designed to match the surrounding elements and natural views. But as years go by, some homeowners want to extend their homes for various reasons. For one, their families may have been expanding and would require additional living space. Another reason behind the home extension is for them to maximise all the free available space.

Whatever the reasons are, you can ensure that home extension will help you achieve them. Any additions or embellishments that you will do for your home will surely help accommodate the current needs of your family and increase the value of your home for future purposes. To help you out, here are some home extension ideas that you can do with your Northern Beach and North Shore homes.

Blend Everything

We Aussies deeply appreciate the wonders of nature as reflected by our home designs. Most of us even have gardens that are full of well-organised plants and delightful add-ons. One great way of extending your home is to match your outdoor environment with your indoor living space. You can basically incorporate your indoor living spaces to your garden and expand them to create a seamless connection between your two living spaces.

Add Some Deck

The presence of a deck on your North Shore home can readily provide you an additional living area. With the construction of a great decking, you can acquire a place that can host parties and family reunions, which is also an important part of Australian living. Your family or guests now get to enjoy the warm but comfortable weather and fresh air whenever you all spend time on this home extension. Additionally, deck enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and design of your home.

Build a Studio

Constructing a studio in your garden or backyard can help you obtain extra space for your alternative home office, study area, guest house, artist’s studio, or entertainment area. This studio can also serve as a place for your parent’s retreat, band rehearsals, hangouts, and other related activities. Placing your studio that is somehow detached from your home gives you, your family, or guests privacy and solitude.

Room Extensions

Home extensions do not have to deal with new spaces. Some homeowners just want to expand their existing areas and rooms of their property so that they can accommodate the growing needs of their respective families. The most common rooms that homeowners tend to extend include the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedrooms. Some common extensions of these rooms include the installation of windows, knocking out walls for extra space, and replacement of the wall with glass doors.

Add More Spaces

One great home extension idea for your Sydney Northern Beach and North Shore home is the addition of rooms and storeys. The construction of an extra bathroom can make life easier for large families. And if permitted by the authorities, homeowners can freely extend their living space just by adding a balcony. The roof from the balcony can give a shady area on some parts of the home. Its tall trellis can also provide privacy and additional shade.

With these home extension ideas, the overall appearance and functionality of your Sydney Northern Beach and North Shore homes will surely be enhanced and improved, which subsequently contributes to the increase of your overall property value. To know more details about these home extension ideas, just contact us at Crearter Constructions.

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