House Framing Choices: Know the Pros and Cons Between Timber and Steel Frame

April 26, 2022

For prospective homeowners, one of the decisions that they must make during the building construction process is selecting the most suitable house frame. Selecting the best house frame is also a very important decision to make because the house frame will serve as the backbone of the house thus, it must be chosen carefully. However, they only have to choose between the two most popular house framing choices, which are the timber house frame and steel house frame. Both house framing choices have their advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide which one is suitable and can give the most safety and security for your house, in this blog we will let you know the pros and cons between timber and steel frame.



The house frame made from steel is cyclone strong which means that you can ensure that it can withstand any weather condition. Steel is known for its extreme durability and longevity that it will be able to last for more than fifty years depending on how the building structure is built and designed.

If built properly and the termite protection system was properly installed, timber house frames can also guarantee longevity and can withstand earthquakes and can last up to ten to forty years depending on the type of timber used.

Environmental Sustainability

Both house framing choices offer environmental sustainability. Steel frames are already tailored per model hence preventing wastage of resources. Timber house frame is also environmentally friendly since timber is a natural product and is made from renewable resources.


For timber house frames, they can be susceptible to pest infestation if the terminate protection system was not done properly at the onset. And will likewise be prone to mould and mildew if an excellent water-resistant component was not installed properly. One other disadvantage of using timber as a house frame is that they have poor sound insulation hence timber is an inefficient soundproofing material.

Steel frames also suffer from a few shortcomings. Steel house frame is a bit pricey option and more labour intensive compared to timber house frames. If you are one of those people who will have their house to be constructed near the coastal area, choosing a steel house frame can be risky since this type of house frame is a highly corrosive material.

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