Increase Your Property’s Value with These Five Home Extension Ideas

November 6, 2019

Home extensions can be quite tedious and exhausting. After all, significant improvements in one’s home can constitute additional expenses and work. In addition to that, you cannot entirely guarantee that your home will look as good as you expected it to. Home extension ideas are usually risky. Aside from not being sure that you will get your money’s worth. That is why you need to browse for home extension ideas that you must try that might just increase your property’s value.

Floor Expansion

An additional square meter within your vicinity could significantly increase the value of your home. Normally, some floor expansions do not require planning permissions. An example of such includes adding a kitchen or a dining area with a single-storey extension. The said home extension idea is considered to increase the home value by 11 percent.

Bathroom Addition

One of the most common home extension ideas is the installation of a new bathroom. This is a home improvement that appeals the most among buyers. People nowadays prioritise comfort over anything else so they would rather invest more on homes with en suite bathrooms even if it would cost them more. Generally, the increase in your property value from this specific home extension idea would be around five percent.

Useable Space

Experts suggest that when buyers decide to purchase houses they almost always consider an open floor plan. This in turn, creates a multi-functioning feature that exudes useability and efficiency. As per home realtors this particular home extension idea can garner up to six percent in value.

Deck Construction

Outdoor spaces are also a significant addition that will increase the value of your home. One particular outdoor space that would offer a higher return of value is the construction of a deck. Roughly, it is presumed to offer around 74 percent of investment return for composite properties and 87 percent for its wooden structure. Recent surveys from landscape architectures also show that 98 percent of the buyers prefer a deck for the outside spaces.

Pergola Addition

Pergolas have become a frontrunner in attempts to maximise the beauty of the great outdoors. They are considered as archways that cover a patio or a deck dining area.  Buyers generally like this addition due to its various benefits such as better shade, exposed to more greenery and lighting. It also acts as a protection against bugs.

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