Maximise Your Backyard Space with A Granny Flat Home Addition

May 26, 2022

If you are planning to maximise your backyard space, you can try adding a granny flat to increase your outdoor space. Gone are the days when the outdoor spaceis just about a beautiful landscape and a backyard swimming pool. Adding an extra room for guests and for storing some home stuff is now the new trend in outdoor design. Adding a granny flat has a lot of advantages, one of which is its ability to maximise your backyard space. Before commencing with your granny flat home addition project, here are some of the ways to maximise your backyard space with a granny flat home addition.

Go Vertical

One of the sure ways to maximise your backyard space is to add a granny flat. Going vertical and opting for a high ceiling design makes the space look and feel more spacious. Opting for this type of design leaves more room for other backyard improvements. It’s like adding an improvement but does not feel like you have added a new home addition since it did not take too much space, it has done the opposite.

Pair it With a Well-Designed Outdoor Landscape

A well-designed outdoor landscape together with a well-built granny flat can effectively maximise your backyard space. Avoid wasting space by just solely accessorising it with a granny flat, you can opt to complement it with a functional and relaxing outdoor landscape to make your backyard space look more spacious.

Also, Add Some Outside Lounging Setup

A granny flat home addition can help maximise your backyard space. But to maximise the space more, try adding a lounge set on the side of your granny flat. Adding a granny flat with a seating set beside itwill serve as a functional extension that can make your backyard space feel more spacious and more relaxing for you and your guests.

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