Modern Home Extension Ideas for Your Sydney North Shore Home

July 13, 2020

The overall architectural layout and design of homes in Sydney North Shore may vary depending on the property owners. However, a lot of them come in two-storeys that basically comprised of the most essential rooms and spaces needed for a basic household. Additionally, the designs of these homes almost resemble and match the key elements of the surrounding natural views.

While most of these homes have already met the needed spaces for families, others ought to find ways just to accommodate the lack or absence of some home areas. Some bedrooms tend to become more crowded as children grow up. Additionally, some kitchen spaces may also start to get congested with numerous utensils, dishes, and cookware as the family expands. These problems are only among the issues that several families face out of their old homes.

One great solution to these problems is home extensions. To obtain the needed space for your home, here are some great modern home extension ideas that you can incorporate with your existing home property.

Add a Contemporary Kitchen

Our kitchen helps us cook the greatest food that we can serve with our beloved family and friends. If your existing kitchen does not have sufficient space for your kitchen tools and products, then adding a contemporary kitchen may help you a lot. Take this opportunity to choose a design that can enhance the appearance of your home. If your available space is limited, you may also opt to use modular units, end panels, worktops, and other features that can easily fit into your extended kitchen. Sliding doors are also great to give way more space for added kitchen furniture, storage, and appliances.

Build an Elegant Conservatory

Sunrooms or conservatories are enclosed rooms that allow a huge amount of sunlight to get in without getting exposed to outdoor weather conditions and the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays. Since North Shore homes get an adequate amount of sunlight, the inclusion of conservatory or sunroom to your home can be great for your family. When built strategically, this home extension will allow you to see the beautiful scenery of your surrounding place. Sunrooms or conservatories are mostly composed of large areas of glazing and insulated roof and wall.

Maximise Ceiling Spaces

Home extensions are typically done to maximise and utilise any available spaces. One space that homeowners tend to take for granted is their ceiling space. Most buildings utilise a conventional flat ceiling that wastes a lot of space. Fortunately, your ceiling can be transformed to make your space feel larger and more spacious. So, instead of a flat ceiling, you may want to fit insulation on your pitched or downward-sloping roof structure and fill its gaps with enhancements and light fittings that will make your home look great. Extending your ceiling as high as possible can easily add striking views to your home.

These modern home extension ideas can effortlessly make your property more homely and welcoming to your family and visitors. To know more additional home extension ideas, just give us a call at Crearter Constructions. We are a custom home builder specialising in renovations and new builds on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.

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