New Homes and Renovations in Sydney’s Lower North Shore and Northern Beach Home

July 30, 2020

Most homes in Sydney’s Lower North Shore and Northern Beach are already designed with elegance in mind. However, some homeowners want to renovate their properties due to numerous reasons. One of the most common reasons behind the desire for home changes is to freshen things up. Applying changes on the flooring, walls, or layout can significantly alter the overall look and feel of a home.

Another reason behind home renovations has to do with family changes. Some families may be expecting a new family member along the way. Others, alternatively, have a family member who will be moving out soon. These situations would typically call for renovations that can either increase or decrease the available living space for a family.

Whatever the reason is, home renovations can ultimately boost the overall value of the property. If you are living in the mentioned places in Sydney, then here are some renovation ideas that you can apply. These ideas can also be applied if you want to build a new home.

Modify the Kitchen Area

From flooring to shelves, the kitchen area is one of the most modified places in a home. The style and appearance that are popular today are somehow far from the trend before. So, if your home still has outdated linoleum or vinyl floors, dirty splashbacks, and fully crowded and cramped shelves, then modify them altogether. The layout of the kitchen can also be reorganised to make everything seamless and free-flowing. As a reference, modern design would usually prioritise open and unobstructed spaces.

Transform Abandoned Spaces

Renovation works do not necessarily deal with occupied spaces. Sometimes, key home renovations can also be done on openings and spaces that are not being used anymore. Some spaces and openings are intended to be built to match the needs of the past. But as time goes on, some of these spaces are just left behind. Renovating these areas into something useful like a home office, entertainment room, or even a conservatory is more practical than letting them age.

Bring in Natural Elements

Another renovation work that you can do for your home is to bring in natural green elements. Decorating some parts of your home with plants can bring you substantial benefits. These plants help regulate the temperature and cleanse the air of most key home areas. They can even boost the mood, productivity, and creativity of people who are inside your home. Stress can also be reduced if ever there are plants inside your home. If possible, you may want to set up vertical gardens for a more appealing look.

Simplify Living Room Aesthetics

Classic living room designs are typically crowded with tons of furniture pieces, harsh lighting, and old-fashioned appliances. Fortunately, you can still incorporate some of your old furniture pieces and appliances by repurposing them. When it comes to lighting, you may want to tone down the lighting fixtures and focus on maximising natural light. For your living room renovation to be effective, your walls, ceiling, and flooring must be comprised of complementing colours and style.

Aside from these home ideas, there are more styles, concepts, and ideas that you can apply for your Lower North Shore and Northern Beach home in Sydney. To know more about them, feel free to give us a call at Crearter Constructions.

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