Optimising Your Home Kitchen Layout through the Integration of Kitchen Work Triangle

May 24, 2021

Kitchens are often considered as the heart of home properties since meals are prepared and cooked in these areas. Additionally, family members and even visitors often go here to spend some time just to freshen up a bit. Through sharing memorable stories while preparing delicious meals, kitchens can easily be treated as one of the most favourite areas in home properties.

Aside from the activities that often happen around kitchen areas, another reason why a lot of people go here is that they boast looks and appearance that are simply mesmerising to look at. This holds true especially if the kitchen areas are planned, designed, and constructed by professional contractors.

The Concept of Kitchen Work Triangle

One great concept that is often considered by homeowners and contractors when it comes to optimising the kitchen layout is the kitchen work triangle. The kitchen work triangle is a concept that has been around for a very long time and has helped homeowners find the perfect layout when constructing or renovating kitchen areas. Contractors, alternatively, utilise this concept in making sure that the whole kitchen layout plan can be truly functional once everything has been constructed and installed.

The kitchen work triangle dictates the location of three elements: sink, cooktop, and refrigerator. These kitchen elements are recommended to be somehow close to each other given that majority of kitchen works happen around them. The refrigerator is maximised to store food products, while the cooktop is intended to cook and heat meals. The sink, ultimately, helps in washing the tools used in the kitchen. It is also used whenever someone wants to wash their hands as well as wash the fresh produce.

Kitchen Work Triangle Primary Rules

A perfect kitchen work triangle can be achieved if the sink, cooktop, and refrigerator are close to one another. These elements must also be positioned in a triangle pattern, with a minimum distance of around 4 to 9 feet from each other. The length of all three sides of the kitchen work triangle must likewise be between 13 to 26 feet, ensuring that these things can be easily reached.

The concept of the kitchen work triangle prioritises accessibility. Therefore, any traffic flow inside the triangle must be reduced or even eliminated. As for the obstacles, cabinets, islands, tables, and others must not push into the kitchen work triangle for more than 12 inches. Full-height obstacles, alternatively, should not interfere with the area of the kitchen work triangle at all.

Benefits of the Kitchen Work Triangle

By following these rules, kitchen users can get everything done quickly. From cooking to cleaning the dishes, the kitchen work triangle ensures that everything can be conducted in just a short time, enhancing the overall convenience and productivity of the kitchen. The steps needed to reach crucial areas of the kitchen is expected to be cut significantly. Any obstacles that would cause some unnecessary bumps and even injuries are likewise avoided with the integration of this concept.

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