Outdoor Home Extension Ideas that Will Add Value to Your Sydney Luxury Home

October 9, 2020

A lot of luxury homeowners are constantly finding out ways on how to improve their properties. While their homes have been designed to meet the current standards and trends, they might still have enough space around their homes that can be transformed into a functional outdoor living area.

Homeowners who seek to extend their living areas are advised to fully maximise the outdoor space first before extending upwards. Fortunately, outdoor home extensions are very common among luxury homes that are situated in Sydney. With the help of a reliable professional contractor, you may want to consider these outdoor home extension ideas if you want to add value to your Sydney luxury home.

Incorporate a Kitchen Diner

A kitchen diner is one of the most sought out outdoor extension that most homeowners would want to obtain for their luxury properties. The kitchen, in general, has been dubbed as the heart of the home. And despite the presence of an indoor kitchen, the ways an outdoor kitchen can be designed are positively plenty, which is a clear testament to how popular this outdoor extension idea is. Your outdoor kitchen diner can be constructed with new worktop surfaces, unique tiles, and exotic doors and handles.

Integrate an Extra Bedroom

If all the rooms in your luxury home have been occupied, then an outdoor home extension can certainly help you obtain your needed extra bedroom. Families can expand over time, and as long as your current property still has sufficient outdoor space, then you might as well convert it into a great bedroom. A bedroom out of an outdoor home extension can still have all the features and things that can be found in an indoor bedroom. Just make sure that the foundation of this area is highly stable.

Add a New Classy Bathroom

A kitchen or a bedroom can be valuable for a property but including a new bathroom to your property can significantly increase your property value for as much as 5%. Bathrooms typically affect the resell value of a property since they provide the basic hygienic needs of home occupants. Your new bathroom may be designed with tinted windows so that it can receive natural lighting without sacrificing safety and security. Strategically placed spotlights may also be used if you do not want to invest in windows.

Consider a Garden Room

Another great outdoor home extension idea would be a garden room. Keeping your luxury home connected to nature can be easy with the integration of a garden room. The beautiful plants and flowers that you can add to this specific room can make your property lively. Additional water features can even work alongside your greeneries and vegetation. Lighting fixtures would not likewise be a problem since your natural features can already thrive and survive under natural lighting.

Include Glass Conservatory

Aside from bathrooms, another huge selling point for luxury homes would be the presence of natural lighting. And so, if you are thinking of an outdoor home extension, then you might want to include a glass conservatory. Conservatories are typically filled with glass roofing and walls so that you can use them as your greenhouse or sunroom. Some areas of the conservatories can likewise be converted into a utility room, a bedroom, playroom, and others, making them truly valuable for homeowners.

If you want to know more outdoor home extension ideas, just give us a call at Crearter Constructions.


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