Safety at Work: Crearter Constructions is Registered as a COVID-19 Safe Builder

September 9, 2021

One of the industries that are severely hit by the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic is the construction industry. When the first wave of infectious disease has reached various parts of the world, the said industry and its accompanying businesses did not have any choice but to stop operating first. After all, medical experts during those times still have to know more about the newfound disease.

Today, however, the construction industry can now operate optimally as long as businesses follow the safety guidelines set by the authorities. Businesses under the mentioned industry, especially here in Australia, can likewise conduct their activities if they are registered as a COVID Safe business.

A Quick Overview of the COVID-19 Infection

Safety during the pandemic must be prioritised in any type of business due to the risks associated with COVID-19 exposure. COVID-19 is a form of coronavirus disease that can be obtained through breathing in micro-droplets of an infected person. This disease can likewise be caught by touching the surface where the live virus element is present and subsequently touching the nose, mouth, or eyes. Once infected, a person may show symptoms like fever, cough, headache, sore throat, fatigue, loss of smell, altered sense of taste, aches and pains, chills, runny nose, and vomiting.

A huge amount of people who are infected with COVID-19 can recover without special medical treatment. However, elderlies and those with existing medical problems or diseases may suffer from more serious symptoms. Given these facts, everyone should be extra cautious and follow safety protocols such as wearing masks, practising proper personal hygiene, and maintaining a physical distance. And if available, people must get vaccinated as soon as possible.

COVID-19 Safety Plan and Safe Registration

COVID-19 can spread easily from one person to another, which is why businesses that are under the construction industry should come up with a COVID-19 Safety Plan for the welfare of employees and clients. A COVID-19 Safety Plan is essential so that the risk of COVID-19 transmission among people on a specific construction site will be minimised significantly.

For the COVID-19 Safety Plan to be effective, it should be comprised of essential steps in checking the wellbeing of workers, maintaining physical distancing, promoting hygiene and cleaning, and conducting record keeping. It must likewise be constantly updated, especially if the restrictions and advice change. This plan can then be used by a company when an authorised person asks for it.

Once a COVID-19 Safety Plan is developed, construction companies should then register their businesses as COVID Safe businesses. Being a COVID Safe business grants companies a unique QR code for COVID Safe Check-in through the Service NSW app. It also gives the businesses access to signage and posters, COVID Safe badge to use for social media, and customer check-in web form.

Prioritise Safety with Crearter Constructions

We, at Crearter Constructions, want to ensure that our activities on site will be safe from the risks associated with COVID-19. Hence, we have successfully registered our business as a COVID Safe business, granting us the opportunity to get back into work very soon. If you want to acquire our construction services, feel free to contact us at Crearter Constructions.

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