The Main Difference between Home Renovation and Home Restoration

January 29, 2021

A lot of home properties are designed to match the needs and preferences of their respective owners. However, some homeowners just recently moved to a new property, which only means that they are not the ones who have come up with the overall design of their new home.

At some point in their lives, most homeowners would hire building professionals so they can obtain all the things that they want to see and use on their properties. They would either have their properties renovated or restored, which are two different processes that one should clearly know and understand. After all, both processes can offer tremendous benefits to property owners and occupants.

If you do not know which is the best option for your home, then here are some notable differences about home renovation and home restoration that can certainly help you decide.

Home Renovation

Home renovation is normally done to fix some parts of the home property and make them look newer and better. This specific process entails the upgrading of the features that can be modified around the house. From repainting the walls to replacing the tiles with new ones, home renovation allows properties to look brand new again and make them even more functional and long-lasting. It does not consider the old looks and appearance of the house. It only wants to make vital parts to be both functional and eye-catching.

Some clear examples of the home renovation include the repainting of walls, tiles replacement, installation of mouldings, upgrading old garage door, integration of a smart home system, enhancing doors and windows, and adding newer appliances and fixtures. Compared to home restoration, home renovation is known to be much easier and more affordable.

Home Restoration

What makes home restoration somehow more difficult and more expensive compared to home renovation is that it has to ensure the complete restoration of a property back to its original state and form. The processes involved in reverting the looks and functions of a property are simply plenty and tedious. Some of the processes that must be done during home restoration include the examination of a property’s blueprint, finding old photos for references, and others that can pinpoint the original state of the property

Once the reference materials are collected, the home restoration will now move towards the repairing of house parts, refinishing the original floor, walls, and ceiling, and replacing old fixtures with new copies of the said fixtures. All the works involved in home restoration have the common goal of restoring a property to its old glory and preserving its rich culture and history.

Home renovation works very well with property owners who want to have their properties updated in terms of appearance and functions. Home restoration, alternatively, is great for those who want to preserve the rich historical value and appearance of their properties without compromising quality. If you have more questions about the two, then feel free to contact us at Crearter Constructions.


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