The Significance of Excavation Work in a Construction Project

June 24, 2021

There are a lot of steps and phases involved in conducting a construction project. The initial phase of a project involves the planning and assessment of the whole construction plan. The subsequent phases then involve the acquisition of all the needed materials and equipment for the project, the creation of the foundation, and the building of the structure itself. Post-assessment is likewise part of the project to ensure that everything is ready before handing the property to the owner.

One part of construction projects that are deemed vital is the excavation work. Different types of structures and buildings that are being built by contractors often integrate the excavation process for several purposes. Some of these are as follows:

Cut and Fill Process

As previously stated, contractors must conduct an assessment first before proceeding to the actual construction. If the ground surface has a uniform elevation, then the contractors can proceed to the next project phases. Alternatively, an uneven surface should undergo the cut and fill process.

The cut and fill process is an excavation process that involves the removal of soil from a specific site area and bringing it into another location. Afterwards, the newly filled out ground surface is compacted to make sure that it is uniformly levelled and elevated. The primary purpose of this process is to generate a uniform ground surface and remove unnecessary air that may affect the building stability once it is constructed. It likewise protects the foundation and other building features from obtaining damages.

Basement Creation

Another purpose of the excavation process that can help specific construction projects is to form a basement. Some property owners may want to have a basement on their structures for different reasons. Initially, basements are intended for the storage of utility lines and equipment pieces. But as time passes by, basements can also be converted into living spaces.

The excavation process allows basements to be created given that they are located below the ground floor of a structure. Basements can be difficult to build. But through excavation, a wide array of techniques and methods can be utilised to make the basement formation easier.

Trench Excavation

One more significant part of construction projects that excavation can create are trenches. Trenching is a process wherein excavation is utilised to create a depression in the ground. Trenches or the openings created by trenching are deep and narrow, allowing contractors to install pipelines, conduits, and cables by the properties. These openings can likewise support the foundations of properties, preventing the properties from deteriorating quickly.

Trenching can be done in many ways. Full-depth or full length trenching is done to create narrow trenches suitable for pipelines, conduits, and cables. Trenching that is done at stage depth and successive stages can alternatively cater to the formation of deep foundations. Full depth and successive stages of trenching are great for forming deep trenches and preventing buildings from collapsing.

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