What are Split-Level Homes and Their Advantages

May 10, 2022

Split-level homes are multiple-story homes where the levels of living space are staggered and connected by a short set of stairs. Split-level houses are typically divided into two or three different levels with a living room on the main floor, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen, on the upper floor, and the den or garage in the basement. Split-level homes are also called bi-level or tri-level homes. They became popular in North America in the 1950s and onward as an affordable home design option for growing families that were moving to the suburbs. Read on to know more about the advantages of having a split-level home.

Offers Greater Space and Privacy

Many homeowners nowadays have taken interest again in split-level houses because of their many advantages and you should too. Split-level homes will allow you to use your space efficiently and provides more privacy for each member of your household because offers better separation between bedrooms compared to an open design home option.

Split-Level Homes Cost Less

One of the advantages of a split-level home is they tend to be cheaper which makes them a smart option for homebuyers. Split-level homes cost less than the open design option. They are also a comparatively cheaper option than other house designs since split-level homes do not require a lot of land to build on. Hence, split-level homes will let you have a modern and stylish home at an affordable construction cost.

Provides More Outdoor Space

Even with limited space, a split-level home design will let you utilise the space efficiently. Another advantage of choosing a split-level home design is it maximises your outdoor space which will give you and your family a spacious backyard for outdoor activities. A maximised outdoor area means more space for family gatherings. In choosing a split-level home design, you will surely value the extra outside space it provides for your entire household.

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