4 Factors That Affect the Cost of a Custom-Built Home

December 12, 2022

Considering constructing a custom home? You are not alone. You can completely control your home design when you build a house to fit your family and lifestyle. At Crearter Constructions, we specialise in constructing custom houses on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore. We love collaborating with our clients to bring their dream houses to life!

But many individuals still have one lingering question: “Is a custom home more expensive”? Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple answer, and there are other considerations, from the sort of block you want to build on to the architectural elements you want in your new home, that affect the cost of a new home. In this article, we’ll explore the main factors that affect the cost of a custom-built home.

The Site Location

Every piece of property has its benefits and drawbacks, and these aspects can have a big impact on how much your custom home will cost. The contours of your block are one of the most important things to consider. —Is it sloping?  Is it unevenly distributed? What kind of dirt or soil is it? Is there a lot of rock that has to be removed? Costs tend to increase with block steepness, and you may incur additional fees if extensive rock excavation is necessary. Suppose you plan to construct on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore in a more rural or isolated region. In that case, you should also consider access to utilities and services because you could have to pay more to move or install the essential equipment.

The Size and Design of Your Home

It should be no surprise that costs increase with home size, yet size and cost are not inversely related. Instead of a large home with only the bare minimum of amenities, you might choose a compact home with exquisite features. Having a small home does not mean it’s cheaper. Depending on the design and features incorporated into your custom-built home, it will still vary.

The Design Complexity

Complex designs can give your house a special touch and increase your return on investment if and when you decide to sell, but they can also raise costs.  When planning a custom-built home, keep the following features in mind:

• How many walls are necessary? An irregularly shaped plan may require more walls than a square-formed plan, even though they have the same square metres. The more walls, the more expensive.

• Will the layout of your house have many corners and elevations? The cost increases with the number of corners, and extra elevations can call for more block work or materials to produce the desired result.

• Do you like slanted or high ceilings? High ceilings and slanted ceilings can increase the appearance of space while decreasing expenditures.

The Specification of Your Home

There is much more to specifications than just finishes and fixtures, but when we think about specifications, we frequently only think about the sorts of tiles or tapware. First, structural considerations include the quantity and calibre of building materials needed for your new home. Consider factors like the size of timber columns or energy-efficient materials. Second, consider your house’s systems to function comfortably, such as air conditioning, home technology, security, etc. Finally, we reached the finishes and fixtures. It includes the flooring, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lights, taps, countertops, and roofs.

As one of Sydney’s top custom home builders on the Northern Beaches and North Shore, Crearter Constructions maintains an exceptional reputation. Our commitment to our clients and level of customer care is unmatched, in addition to the quick, effective, and high-quality builds we provide. We make working with a custom home builder stress-free, and we’d love to talk to you about the designs for your ideal home. Check out our services and call us at 0402 249 601 to discuss your next project.

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