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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Timber Floor for Your Coastal Home in Sydney

28 June 2022

When building your coastal home in Sydney, there are a lot of vital factors that you need to thoughtfully consider. One of which is the timber material for your floor. Your selection of the best timber floor plays a big role in providing you with a worthwhile stay. For a great coastal home flooring, here is a guide to choosing the best timber floor for your coastal home in Sydney. Durability In choosing the best timber floor for your coastal home in Sydney, the ideal type is those that can withstand high traffic and are very enduringand durable since they […]

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The Benefits of Adding a Detached Garage in Your Home

10 June 2022

Adding a detached garage to your home offers more benefits than the detached one. Opting for a detached garage is the best home extension idea for you if you prefer to add extra space and privacy to your living space. A detached garage would be a great addition to your house to make them appear newer and spacious. If you are considering building a detached garage in your backyard space, we have put together some top benefits of adding a detached garage to your living space. Provide More Space for Privacy Incorporating a detached garage provides more space for your […]

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Maximise Your Backyard Space with A Granny Flat Home Addition

26 May 2022

If you are planning to maximise your backyard space, you can try adding a granny flat to increase your outdoor space. Gone are the days when the outdoor spaceis just about a beautiful landscape and a backyard swimming pool. Adding an extra room for guests and for storing some home stuff is now the new trend in outdoor design. Adding a granny flat has a lot of advantages, one of which is its ability to maximise your backyard space. Before commencing with your granny flat home addition project, here are some of the ways to maximise your backyard space with […]

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What are Split-Level Homes and Their Advantages

10 May 2022

Split-level homes are multiple-story homes where the levels of living space are staggered and connected by a short set of stairs. Split-level houses are typically divided into two or three different levels with a living room on the main floor, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen, on the upper floor, and the den or garage in the basement. Split-level homes are also called bi-level or tri-level homes. They became popular in North America in the 1950s and onward as an affordable home design option for growing families that were moving to the suburbs. Read on to know more about the advantages […]

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House Framing Choices: Know the Pros and Cons Between Timber and Steel Frame

26 April 2022

For prospective homeowners, one of the decisions that they must make during the building construction process is selecting the most suitable house frame. Selecting the best house frame is also a very important decision to make because the house frame will serve as the backbone of the house thus, it must be chosen carefully. However, they only have to choose between the two most popular house framing choices, which are the timber house frame and steel house frame. Both house framing choices have their advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide which one is suitable and can give the most […]

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