5 Clear Signs Your Home Decking Needs Renovation

September 27, 2021

Home properties can boast various outdoor features to ensure that they remain valuable. Some outdoor features that homeowners often incorporate into their properties include swimming pools, patios, walkways, driveways, gazebos, and outdoor kitchens.

Another outdoor feature that homeowners include on their properties is the deck. A deck is a flat platform built above ground, usually connected to the main building of a house. This outdoor feature can be enclosed by a railing to ensure the safety of the occupants and their guests. Those who want to access the deck would typically pass through the doors from the house or climb the stairs from the ground.

If you currently maximise deck in your home property, then you can surely benefit from its presence. However, if your deck has the following signs, then you must have it renovated right away.

  1. Shaky Railings

One of the signs that tell you to renovate your deck is shaking railings. As stated earlier, the railing of a deck ensures the safety of the people in the area. It makes sure that the people on the deck will not slip and fall to the ground. But if the railing shakes whenever you or other people grab onto it, then you must have the whole deck assessed and renovated immediately. After all, a shaking railing means that some fasteners on your deck have become loose, which can be a safety hazard.

  1. Wobbly Deck

Somehow similar to shaking railings, a deck that has wobbling boards may only mean that it is time for renovation. Whenever you walk on a deck, it must be completely stable to avoid a sudden imbalance in your movement. It is likewise crucial for the deck boards to be stable so that if someone carries heavy objects, they will not suddenly trip or fall down. Wobbling deck boards technically signify that they have already warped due to exposure to elements, loose fasteners, or old age.

  1. Rotten Surface

Normally, a deck is comprised of timber materials due to their durability, versatility, and appeal. But without proper maintenance, the timber boards of the deck may obtain damages due to insects and moisture. A deck that has a rotten surface normally has spongy quality, which is a clear indication that it needs immediate replacement and renovation.

  1. Rusty Fittings

Your deck can obtain damages not only on its deck boards but also on its fixtures and fittings. These fixtures and fittings may be typically made from metal materials. While they are technically resistant to corrosion, the lack of maintenance can still affect their surfaces. Over time, the fixtures and fittings attached to your deck might corrode and become rusted, which could only weaken the structural stability of your deck. This specific issue calls for the immediate renovation of the deck.

  1. Mould Growth

Mould and mildew can grow in environments that are filled with moisture. Since the deck can obtain a huge amount of moisture during specific seasons, the spores from the mould can grow and spread quickly. With a huge amount of mould and mildew, they can easily affect the health of the people around the property. An immediate renovation is needed if your deck contains these elements.

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