Considering a New Build for Your Home? Ask Crearter Constructions for the Best Advice

May 11, 2020

Owning a property lot provides you full liberty to do whatever you have in mind. On the purchased lot, property owners can build their new homes out of scratch, enabling them to decide whatever design and structure that they have always wanted. However, if you consider constructing a new build for your home, then you may want to heed some advice from professionals.

Benefits of New Home Construction

There are a few things about why new home construction is great for you. For one, having a new home construction gives you an abundance of customisation options. From the interior spaces down to your exterior boundaries, your new home will have an appearance that fits your taste and lifestyle. You can freely include some elements like design, style, colours, layout, and even materials that you may have seen on photos online. Additional rooms, living spaces, and specific features can be added with new home construction.

Having a new home construction can also help you save and conserve energy. New home construction utilises materials and layouts that are energy-efficient and cost-effective. Proper insulation and air sealing, heating and cooling, and other structural variables can be integrated into your new home. Appliances and lighting fixtures that do no draw too much power can also be purchased and installed. With the inclusion of the said elements, you can expect your home to have a reduced carbon footprint, even after a long time of occupancy.

Any maintenance activities with new homes are also minimised as they have been around for only a couple of years. Having leaky roofs, broken pipes, and other damages will be unlikely, as long as the materials and other vital components used are strong and installed correctly. But if some damages do occur, then you can expect your hired construction company to repair them since they include a range of warranties for their completed projects.

Approaches in Constructing New Homes

Construction companies use different methods for building new homes and other properties. Here are some traditional and modern approaches that most companies use.

  • Modular Homes: This type of home construction creates sectional preconstructed homes that are comprised of multiple modules or sections. The modules used for these homes are manufactured off-site and then delivered to the property site location. With the help of cranes or trucks, all the delivered modules are assembled into a single residential home or building. This type of home usually does not allow additional structures to be built in the factory.
  • Panelised Homes: One of the easiest and cheapest home constructions that is popular today is panelised homes. Panelised homes are built out of panels. Each panel, which may consist of inner drywall, windows, insulation, and cladding, are transported to the building site and is assembled into a home. These panels are pre-manufactured and require finishing works like painting, key installations, and others.
  • Post and Beam Homes: Post and beam homes are created out of framed structures of heavy timber that are usually combined by lap jointing. The joinery of post and beam homes revolves around mortise and tenon, with tenon being the joint’s tongue and the mortise the slot. Post and beam homes resemble soaring wood ceilings and expose post and beam frames that make the whole structure strong and versatile.

Any plans for your new home can be discussed and executed easily with the help of professionals. We at Crearter Construction can readily provide you great renovations and new builds for your home. Drawing on a trusted team of trades and accessing a network of experienced industry professionals, each of our projects is underpinned by streamlined scheduling and efficient management. However, it is our attention to detail, drive for value, and eye for design that is at the heart of our countless referrals and repeat customers.

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