Create the Perfect Coastal Living Home with Crearter Constructions

February 22, 2023

Understandably, the big Australian ideal of home ownership might easily expand to dreams of a beach property, given that the country is surrounded by water. Many of us are inclined to picture our future weekends and holidays spent lounging at the beach with family and friends since we have many happy memories of summers spent swimming, tanning, and playing sports there as children. However, despite the dream’s ongoing appeal, it is good to remember that designing the ideal coastal home necessitates slightly different viewpoints from designing a suburban home.

With this in mind, as a leading custom home builder on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, we will share tips on achieving the perfect coastal living home for you and your family.

Maximise and Accentuate Your View

The immense allure of coastal living, which includes the boundless sky, water views, and rugged coasts, will naturally form the centre of attention. The design of your home should maximise and accentuate the available scenery, regardless of whether your breathtaking view is out to sea or across the gently sloping hills of the countryside. Determining visual comfort throughout the house and the design and placement of windows must be well thought out. Suppose you intend to use a lot of glass. In that case, you should also invest in energy-efficient window frameworks and the best glazing, considering factors like ventilation, heat conduction, and corrosion prevention while choosing the systems.

Install Durable Cladding

The coastal environment in Australia can be as harsh as the country’s climate. The cladding of beach houses is one of its most crucial features as the first line of defence against strong winds, salt air, wetness, and the Australian sun. Choose dense materials like concrete or off-form concrete to help your home stand the test of time, or go with lighter-weight materials, specifically corrosive-resistant, to prevent your home from ageing quickly. Additionally, fuss-free low maintenance is ideal for materials made to weather and soften, like silvertop ash wood. Modern metals may now be made light and strong while still offering various options for experimenting with various aesthetics thanks to various new bonding processes. When in doubt, seek out anything marked as “marine grade.

Build an Outdoor Shower

An outdoor shower is necessary and an attractive addition to any home if you don’t want to bring the sand and sea back inside after a trip to the beach. But beware because most shower fixtures are susceptible to rust, so either you choose a system that can be quickly replaced or spend money enclosing the space from the weather while using premium materials.

Plan for a Protected Outdoor Area

When you want to enjoy the outdoors, protecting yourself is just as crucial as protecting your home from the weather. Planning a protected outdoor space for recreation or rest will help you avoid being forced indoors by gusty winds and the glaring sun. First, map out the wind and sun conditions for your block, and then consider shielding structures to protect you from the elements. The house can frequently be used as protection by having a deck that faces north.

As a leading custom home building services provider and beach house builder on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, our team at Crearter Constructions are more than happy to help you make your dream coastal home living come to life. Feel free to contact us at 0402 249 601. We would love to hear from you.

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