Expert Tips on Designing an Ultimate Classic Coastal Home

April 11, 2023

Are you drawn to the thought of warm breezes, brightly lit rooms, and a carefree aura of luxury? What if we tell you that you could get the same style and atmosphere in your own home?

Classic coastal homes have bright, open interiors, natural fibres, and warm colours, creating a setting similar to a beachside resort. As a custom home builder on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, Classic Coastal homes are one of our favourites due to how comfortable they are to live in.  So, what are the must-have components, and how do you attain this appearance in your home?

Colour Selections and Material Finishes

A Classic Coastal home should have a simple, natural, and cosy feel. To accomplish this, colour schemes and material finishes are crucial, influencing choices about furniture and soft furnishings. To make sure you choose the proper colour scheme, set aside some time to collect examples and compare colours and materials.

Whites should be a priority for you to incorporate because they help to provide the impression of spacious, light rooms. The ideal foundation for your Classic Coastal home will be created by incorporating white features into every area of the house, from painted wall panelling to kitchen cabinetry and splashback tiles.

Classic Design Elements

If you take a moment to visualise your dream beach holiday, abundant natural light, fantastic cross-ventilation, and wide breathtaking vistas will jump out. Even while not every home has the benefit of being built near the ocean, you can still achieve the resort-type atmosphere in your Coastal style home by incorporating these timeless design elements.

Positioning windows and doors to maximise the Winter light and summer breezes is crucial for a home that feels cosy all year round. You must install large windows and sliding doors, and for homes in warmer regions, louvre windows work best for controlling airflow and maintaining comfort. Skylights are an excellent solution for bringing natural light into areas without huge windows while also forming a stunning feature.

Add Pattern and Texture

It’s crucial to soften a space and provide pattern and texture, especially when using a mostly white interior. Various interior design elements, such as wall panelling, carpet, sheer curtains, and soft furnishings, can accomplish this. Use wall panelling to create feature walls in bedrooms and living spaces to add pattern and a laid-back vibe to your home. To carry this style throughout your home’s many rooms, utilise similar panelled profiles for your cabinetry.

Then decide on a light, looped pile carpet to offer texture and contrast with white finishes and soft sheer curtains to create a cosy yet luxurious ambience. Sheer curtains offer decent seclusion during the day and let sunlight into your home. In particular, sheer curtains are our go-to window decor for bedrooms and living rooms because they are instantly complete and soften a room like nothing else.

Love the idea of Classic Coastal design and want to recreate it in your home? Our custom builders at Crearter Constructions can help you achieve it. We take great pleasure in our attention to detail and always communicate clearly and honestly with our customers. If you’d like to find out how Crearter Constructions can help bring your project to life, feel free to call us at 0402 249 601 for more enquiries on our quality services. We’d love to hear from you!

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