Important Qualifications that Your Sydney Custom Home Builder Must Have

December 10, 2019

Much like any career and profession that require a certain degree of skill and expertise, custom home builders are faced with qualifying assessments which would dictate if they are permitted to operate on a house. This is done to eliminate the risks and damages in the establishment of a certain unit, room, or building. That is precisely why there are important qualifications that your Sydney custom home builder must have.


You will not be qualified as a Sydney custom home builder if you do not have any experience in custom home building. No one will be permitted to acquire either a licence or certification without enough proof of experience. Applicants must have at least two years of relevant industry experience in a wide range of building construction work. The applicant must have the said experience within 10 years during the date of application. This experience will only be valid if it was acquired by an employee, or a nominated supervisor. The experience will be deemed relevant only if it is from a wide range of residential building work. These includes experience that demonstrates the ability or capacity to competently project manage residential building work on site in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, including dealing effectively with sub-contractors, consumers and other parties.

Builder’s Licence

One of the most important qualifications for a Sydney custom builder is a builder’s licence. If you plan to apply for a licence, you will be subjected to financial or criminal checks. The regulating agency will request for the applicant’s personal information relating to previous businesses and criminal checks. If you have any prior bad financial history, name change or criminal you will need to provide additional documents as outlined in the application form.

Other Qualifications

Other qualifications include current Carpentry or Bricklaying Contractor Licence or Supervisor Certificate, or an approved qualification that would allow the issue of such a licence, Diploma of Building and Construction CPC50210, Bachelor of Housing from an Australian University or a Degree in Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Architecture, Housing, Construction, Construction Management, Construction Economics, Applied Science (Building), Quantity Surveying, Degree in Building, Construction, Construction Management, Construction Economics, or Quantity Surveying.

We guarantee that we at Crearter Constructions will be able to draw on a trusted team of experienced industry professionals. We promise that each of our projects is underpinned by streamlined scheduling and efficient management. Since we are a custom home builder specialising in renovations and new builds on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, we are known for our attention to detail, drive for value and eye for design that’s at the heart of our countless referrals and repeat customers.

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