Maximise Space with Minimalist Architecture for New Home Designs

April 22, 2020

The choice of architectural styles and designs for new homes can be overwhelming since a lot of them have already branched out into different classifications and groups. However, there is one classy design that some people want to achieve in their new home, and it is the concept of minimalist architecture.

Over the last few years, the concept of minimalism has inspired people to incorporate most of its features in their new homes. Minimalist architecture lets you appreciate the simplicity of lines, form, space, detail, decorations, light, colours, and materiality. After all, the purpose of this design is to acquire a home that is clean, open, efficient, and welcoming to any individual that sets foot on it.

Characteristics of a Minimalist Architecture

Minimalist home designs are simple, efficient, and straightforward. Minimalistic home design has areas and spaces that are unfussy and predictable, without any overwhelming surprises. It simply has minimal interior walls, seemingly large and open floors, modest and decent storage areas, and great emphasis on views and lighting.

One feature of a minimalist home design is its play with colours. It does not rely on bright and bold colours. Instead, it uses neutral colour palettes like whites, beiges, and greys. Moreover, your minimalistic home must not feature walls with complicated designs and decorations, nor facile coverings that are filled with dreadful details. With minimalist architecture, what you must have is a home that relies purely on neutral colours and simple lines and texture.

Light is an element that is very important with minimalist home design. It can readily supply warmth and cosiness around your home. And with a minimal number of accessories, decorations, and ornamentation, you can expect your minimalist home to be airy and breathable compared to home designs that are packed with unnecessary details.

Minimalist Home Design Tips and Tricks

Despite the significance of simplicity with minimalist home designs, it is still important for you to emphasise quality. You must pick high-quality lights, fitting, storage spaces, and other decorations so that you can expect them to last for a long time. Do not cheap out on your materials, especially if you will be staying for a long time in your new minimalistic home.

You must also take note that minimalistic homes do not have to rely on a single material. While minimalist architecture maximises only select neutral colour tones, the materials for your whole home can be combined depending on their location and usage. Choosing a texture with different varieties like glass, canvas, cloth, timber, and pottery can still give you a minimalist look without compromising space and function.

A standout piece of furniture can also be selected for some rooms and spaces in your minimalistic home. It may have bold and bright colours, but it must still follow the principle of form and function and clear line that can connect with your home design. This furniture is then paired with accessories and decorations that make it the only dominating and emphasised element in a room.

One crucial tip in designing a minimalistic home is your available open space. With a minimalistic home, you do not need to fill up your room with furniture and accessories that may be overwhelming and overpowering. The idea behind minimalism is for you to have a space that is open and wide, giving you adequate room for a relaxing and calming environment.

With minimalism, you can ensure that your new home can obtain adequate space for a more comfortable and relaxing ambiance. To help you achieve your own minimalistic home, just give us a call at Crearter Constructions. We embody the reputation of having a long-standing commitment to quality and enthusiasm for crafting exceptional and beautiful homes.

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