New Home Design Trends in 2020: What are the Things to Look Out For?

January 22, 2020

Every year, the design trends tend to change that is somehow connected to the overall vibe of the surroundings. There are some years where we want our homes to be fiery and full of colours. There are other years where we just want our homes to have neutral, muted colours. Whatever our preferences are, some design trends will surely be dominant this year 2020.

Renovating your home at the beginning of the year may be the perfect opportunity for you to try out designs that will be popular this year. Since your renovating works will cost you some hefty amount of money, why don’t you spend it wisely? With new home design trends, it is guaranteed that your home will be in style for the next decades.

Upgrade with Metal Cladding

With all the natural catastrophic occurrences around the world, the online community seems to increase their search about the most effective way to make their homes durable enough. Starting with metal cladding, almost all homeowners want to have the best material possible for the protection of their homes. Durable materials that you can get for metal cladding would be copper, zinc, and steel. These items will pave the way into replacing rendered brick and timber slats for home construction.

Biomaterials Are In

From protecting their own homes, property owners also want to protect the planet as a whole. With the continuous emergence of sustainability, homeowners now want materials that can benefit not only them but also the environment. Sustainability doesn’t need to extract materials and resources from nature. Sustainability can start with recycling discarded building supplies so that the overall waste will reduced. Biomaterials will also be the material for sustainable home construction, especially now in 2020.

The Use of Terrazzo

Conventional materials have undoubtedly existed for a very long time. The use of concrete, wood, glass, and other materials are so common that sometimes, they don’t bring a striking factor anymore. Fortunately, the formation of terrazzo has seen numerous ways of building or renovating home properties. Terrazzo is a composite material made from marble, quartz, granite, and glass. This material can be used in building splashbacks, benchtops, flooring, and homewares.

Obtaining Curves and Arches

From the blocky overall design of the past, people in 2020 are now leaning towards a home design trend with softness as the priority. Through rounded edges, circular windows, and arched or curved walls, homes in 2020 are now more interesting compared to before. With these curves and arches, homeowners would enjoy an architectural design that is minimal yet functional.

A Flexible Kitchen

As we go on with the home construction trends in 2020, one most remarkable design trend that you can do will be centred on your kitchen. Making your bedroom dual purpose has been long practiced by professionals. But this year, the centre of the masterpiece will revolve around your kitchen. Aside from getting your meals done, kitchens will be designed into something liveable. Multi-purpose kitchen furniture will be more functional and practical than ever before, making your kitchen a space for all types of interaction and activities.

Following these new home design trends will make your home feel updated for a couple of years. If you want help with these renovations, you can contact us now at Crearter Constructions.

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