Planning Guide for Bathroom Renovations

March 20, 2020

The bathroom is an area of our home where we perform personal hygiene activities such as taking a bath or releasing toxins out of our body. Since we generally clean ourselves in the bathroom, it would be great if we also take care and clean it regularly. But before we clean and maintain our bathroom, it is important to consider its design and layout first.

After a long time of use, you may have decided to finally renovate it. Renovation is a good thing, most especially for areas that we always use. However, a renovation will be for naught if you don’t plan it carefully. So, here are some planning guide that you can follow for a fruitful and successful bathroom renovation.

Initial Assessment

One great thing about renovation projects is that they allow you to think and assess your needs and wants. Your existing bathroom may be functional for you in its first few years, but there are certain elements that you may have missed along the way. Initial assessment of your needs and wants covers your desired function, style, design, layout, and everything in between.

Existing Bathroom

In relation to the initial assessment, you must consider and evaluate all the things and elements that you currently have in your bathroom. Your plumbing fixtures, surfaces, finishes, lighting, and other crucial elements of your bathroom must be carefully enumerated so that you can decide which of them must undergo changes, repairs, and replacements.

Finding Purpose

In renovation works, your sole objective after assessing your bathroom space is to find your end purpose and goal. You must finally determine the right bathroom in your home that certainly needs renovation works. Moreover, you must conceptualise the daily usage of this specific bathroom. Will renovating this bathroom helps your household alleviate setbacks in performing personal hygiene activities? Do you need to have a bigger bathroom space? Is it for your kids?

Cost Assessment

If there is an element that can hugely affect renovation works, it would certainly be your available budget. Your expenses will ultimately vary depending on the materials, services, and other elements that will be used or performed as the renovation works continue. On this part of planning, it would be best for your potential contractors to break down their respective renovation costs so that you can choose which among them offers the best value for money. As soon as you hire your contractor, you will be given an option to either add, disregard, or modify renovation services.

Materials and Storage

As soon as you come up with a reasonable budget for your renovation works, you can now start by shopping for products and materials. These products and materials will be used in renovating your bathroom and meet your preferred style, layout, and design. Some materials that you can personally purchase include backsplash, lighting fixtures, cabinet and vanity, drawers, flooring, bath fixtures, waterproofing, countertops, and many more.

Renovation Proper

The renovation of your bathroom will start once you and your chosen contractor have chosen the people who will be working on the project. You are required to meet with them so you can set the expectations and goals. This meeting will also establish a common ground between you and your contractor.

Planning for your bathroom renovations can be helpful to achieve and fulfill everything that you have in mind. If you want to know more about bathroom renovations, you can visit us at Crearter Constructions. We are a custom home builder that specialises in renovations and new builds on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.

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