Split-Level Home Construction on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore

February 6, 2023

There are several difficulties and factors to consider while building a home on a new piece of property on a slope. Additionally, local councils have been picky about these types of constructions and demand that the home design aligns with the block’s natural lay. Keeping cut and fill to a minimum, the driveway’s grade (degree of steepness), and the home’s overall height are all examples. A split-level home can solve this issue because it would be costly and time-consuming to dig through the slope to make it flat.

Some of the lands on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore are on a slope, necessitating this type of house building. The team at Crearter Constructions has extensive experience in this building style and can help you with the layout of your new house on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore.

What Does a Split-Level Home Means? 

A split-level home is constructed on a sloped piece of land to account for the land’s inclination. Excavation is necessary to pour slabs onto a flat region where you build your home. There are internal staircases that connect the home’s several levels. With this building, you can easily add on and create a bigger yard. For split-level homes, some planning and extra work will be required, such as drainage and retaining walls built under the house’s architectural criteria to give the property a natural appearance from the street.

How to Design a Split-Level Home?

We will set up a land inspection after our initial consultation. This will enable us to evaluate the block and determine what the construction will need, what views to use, and any potential challenges that may emerge. After the inspection, we will advise the architect on the land’s contour and the need for drainage to create a design plan. We also carefully evaluate the local flora and fauna and these requirements.

Your preferences for your new house, the styling, the materials used, and the property’s features will all be considered in the design, along with the home’s excavation, drainage, retaining walls, and driveway access. We will collaborate with you to help keep costs within your range. To maximise light and the views of your location, we will consider the views from the property and incorporate these into the house design. With us, we can achieve a modern home design based on your preference.

Building a home on a sloped lot has several advantages, including:

  • Enhanced natural ventilation.
  • Perfect view of the sea or shoreline.
  • The home’s angle may enable more sunshine to warm the interior while using natural light that eventually helps lessen energy usage.
  • Exclusive location
  • Able to build a big house on a small lot by building up.

If you’ve found and purchased a sloping block and want to build your Split-Level Homes on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, you can arrange a free consultation with our expert custom home builders at Crearter Constructions. Feel free to contact us at 0402 249 601. We would love to hear from you!

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