Sydney Northern Beach Homes: A Quick Guide to Coastal Interior Design

March 27, 2023

When it comes to coastal interior designs, picture ocean-inspired blues and greens that stand out against gorgeous, pristine whites and neutrals. These natural tones you frequently find in coastal environments are heavily influenced by the beach and the ocean, as are other natural elements like timber accents and natural fibres.

As a custom home builder on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, we are particularly interested in improving coastal living, emphasising natural-inspired colours and upscaled rustic finishes. A luxurious design that is still beachy and enables that vital natural light into the area is achieved by using soft, earthy layers over walls and floors, pale-grey marble benchtops, and the original coastal high ceilings. In light of that, the following are some tips for creating a lovely coastal interior design for your coastal home:

Utilise as Much Natural Light as Possible

One of the core elements of coastal interiors is utilising as much natural light as possible. Don’t undervalue how much white paint may change a room while trying to create a coastal design in your own home! Even without investing much in extra design elements, white colours reflect light wonderfully and give off the impression of a larger and brighter space. Try painting your living room walls white if it’s a small area. You’ll be astonished at how much bigger it looks and having white walls as a bright, crisp basis is the ideal, simple first step to creating that coastal style you’ve been dreaming of.

After that, you should examine your doors and windows. Whether you have stacked, sliding, bi-fold, or French doors, choose a design that opens widely so that the outdoor air and light can enter. If you have windows above eye level, keep things airy and light by utilising window coverings that suit the concept. Try to keep transitions from indoors to outdoors straightforward. Whether you have plantation shutters, light neutral shades, or both, using gauzy curtains can be a terrific way to bring in more light, improve the appearance of your area, and create some privacy.

Add in Timber Accents

Blonde timber flooring is the ideal accent if you want to give your home a beach feel. If installing new flooring is not an option, alternative methods exist to add touches of timber to your house. Choose textured, light-coloured, or bamboo treatments for your furniture, such as your dining table and chairs. Consider bar stools to soften your kitchen area or a wooden bedhead to give your bedroom a beachy feel. We love using timber for accent shelving in the kitchen, living room, or any part of the house.

Try Relaxed and Mismatched Style of Furniture

The casual and mismatched furniture style is a common feature in coastal homes. Try using a bench on one side and wooden chairs on the other in the dining room. For example, using white chalk paint can repurpose a vintage piece of furniture to complement your new coastal design. Choose furniture with a hint of rattan or a woven appearance. We adore sideboards with lovely woven stools or doors made of rattan. In weathered or distressed timber, bench seats, console tables, or side tables look fantastic and will support the coastal concept.

These are only a few ways to achieve a coastal interior design for your coastal homes. If you are planning to build a new home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore, Crearter Constructions is a reliable custom-home builder that can help you build your coastal dream home or achieve a modern home design. Feel free to get in touch with us by calling us at 0402 249 601. We’d love to hear from you!

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